Newly Diagnosed With Breast Cancer - Pink Ribbon Plus


Preparing for Chemotherapy?
Everyone responds to Chemotherapy differently. Certain Chemos have 'typical' effects but yours may vary from what is 'typical'. Chemotherapy often causes hair loss, and your insurance provider may cover a wig(s). Medicare, however, does not have coverage for wigs. There are also specially formulated skincare products to address the changes that may occur in your skin as a result of undergoing chemo. Let’s open a dialogue about how you can benefit from these products and what your insurance may cover. 

Preparing for Radiation Therapy?
You probably already know that Radiation therapy can cause skin sensitivity. There are Radiation therapy skin care products that are made specifically for you while undergoing your therapy. There are also bras that use materials that are kinder to your sensitive skin and are covered by your insurance provider. Check out the Pre-op and Post-op bra section of this website. If you are undergoing Brachytherapy, there is a bra designed specifically for this treatment regimen. 

Preparing for Surgery?
I wish every patient knew about the post-op camisole garment! It will make your drain management so much easier during the first few weeks of your recovery. By the time the majority of newly diagnosed patients discover the post-op camisole, it is too late to benefit from its use. This garment is used after breast surgery and for drain management.  

There are different styles and colors to choose from and your doctor needs to approve and prescribe the garment. In my experience of fitting post-op patients in the recovery room and in the patient room, it can be used for the majority of post-surgical procedures. There are specific guidelines as to when you can receive this garment to assure your insurance will cover it and how many you can have.

Preparing for Reconstruction?
The post-op camisole or bra MAY NOT be recommended for some types of reconstruction, as it could cause necrosis and failure of your procedure. Check with your surgeon. Even after reconstruction, there could be symmetry issues that can be improved by wearing a partial or shell. These often can be worn against the skin and do not require a special pocketed bra. There are also attachable nipples.  

Recovery from reconstruction takes several months but know there is help for you, too, if you need it. Let’s chat about how you can benefit from these products and what your insurance may cover. 

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