Skin Care Facts


There are unique products and therapy lotions formulated specifically to address the skin care issues you may have related to chemotherapy, radiation therapy and scalp issues related to wearing wigs. These products target dry/itchy skin, dark under eye circles, ashen skin tone, and radiation redness, burn and tenderness.

These companies take great care in formulating their products to reduce and eliminate toxic ingredients that could have an adverse effect on your skin.

It is important that you use these products with your Oncology team’s permission. If your doctors are not familiar with these specially formulated products, do not use them until they can research and approve the product. The products on this website have a successful history of helping cancer patients.

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Medicare and other insurers do not cover these products.

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The skin care products formulated for chemo and radiation patients have a long history of helping with skin care issues and have carefully omitted toxic ingredients that everyday products may contain. I am familiar with the most commonly used skin care products that your patients should safely be able to use during treatment and hair loss. You will be impressed that one company has a medical advisory board to assist with product formulation.

Benefit coverage changes constantly and is different with every payer and state. Pink Ribbon Plus cannot be responsible for changes in coverage. All information is given with the sole intent to educate the client and help them understand post-breast cancer diagnosis insurance benefits when pertaining solely to post-op garments, external breast forms, bras, wigs, and skin care products. All products must be approved by the physician before using.