If you are a Survivor of breast cancer, you have probably already had one or many fittings for breast care products. I hope you have had the opportunity to have a Professional Fitter help you through the first stages of recovery. But often, for various business, insurance,  and bureaucratic reasons, Boutiques cannot offer every product from every vendor. Pink Ribbon Plus has curated your product selection so you can see and purchase products that may not have been offered to you. If you do not see something that you need, please contact PRP so we can try to procure the product for you.

As a Survivor, you should have a wardrobe of breast forms and you used to have before diagnosis and like you should have after diagnosis!

There are several manufacturers of post-breast surgery bras. These companies are dedicated to developing and designing beautiful and functional products for women who have undergone various surgeries due to breast cancer diagnosis.

The bras are typically fashioned after current trends and look identical to the bras you have worn in the past pre-surgery. The only differences are that they have a pocket to accommodate breast forms, and they have other necessary design features. They are beautiful!

Insurance providers usually limit the number of bras that you can purchase within a calendar year. Therefore, where you go to be fit for a bra is crucial for two reasons: 1) so that you can see the full range of options available to you and 2) so that you get the best fit possible to last you the longest amount of time. There are post-op bras, sports bras, strapless bras, convertible bras, and more. Let’s open a dialogue about your bra benefits.

Breast Cancer Survivor

External Breast Prostheses
There are several manufacturers of prostheses (often referred to as “forms”). These companies are dedicated to developing and designing beautiful and functional products for women who have undergone various surgeries due to a breast cancer diagnosis. Breast prostheses typically come in a spectrum of blush and darker tones. They come in varying profiles, including shallow, average, and full.

A Professional Fitter should be able to explain which breast form is right for you. The sizing of breast forms can be confusing since sizes run from 1 to 16. Every manufacturer designs its breast forms to be worn exclusively with its bras and provides a cross-reference chart of what size form works best with each size bra.  Your Fitter may mix and match forms and bras to achieve the best outcome for you. Fitting a patient is very much an art and science!

Silicone Breast Forms
These are the forms typically worn every day. They come in a variety of textures, sizes, and shapes. It can be very confusing to navigate the best product for you, but your Professional Fitter should be able to assist in fitting you with the form that best mimics your existing breast (for unilateral surgeries) or that gives you the look and size you want (in the case of bilateral surgeries). Aside from full forms, there are shells, partials, and shapers that can create beautiful symmetry in cases of lumpectomy and reconstruction asymmetry. There are even attachable nipples.  All of this is covered by most insurance providers.

Non-silicone Breast Forms
These forms are often the first type of form that you will wear immediately following surgery (most patients can get a silicone prosthesis six to eight weeks after a mastectomy, with a doctor’s permission).  Non-silicone prostheses are ideal for swimming, exercise, and leisure wear. Let’s have a conversation about your breast form benefits.

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