Contact 3S Silicone Mastectomy Breast Form by Amoena
Contact 3S Silicone Mastectomy Breast Form by Amoena
Contact Comfort+ 3S Silicone Mastectomy Breast Form by Amoena

Contact Comfort+ 3S Silicone Mastectomy Breast Form Style 382c (Ivory)/382ctw (Tawny) by Amoena

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Contact Comfort+ 3S  Silicone Mastectomy Breast Form Style 382c (Ivory)/382ctw (Tawny) by Amoena  adheres directly to the body and stays in place with every movement, relieving pressure on the shoulder and providing more freedom in clothing choices. Ideal for women with active lifestyles.

  • Full projection(3)-Symmetrical(S)
  • Can be worn on either the left or right side
  • Does not extend under the arm
  • Part of the Contact range that adheres directly to the body for total security
  • Features new Comfort+ technology

I love the Contact Comfort+ breast form! If you have a smooth or fairly smooth chest wall this breast form should be part of your wardrobe of breast forms. I have had unilateral and bilateral mastectomy patients who find this breast form works best for them. 

Available size range for Ivory
0 - 10

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Important things to know about your Contact Comfort+ breast form and the Exchange Program:

  1. After daily wear, dead skin cells gather on the adhesive surface and without proper cleaning the surface will not adhere as intended.
    • Cleaning instructions can be found in the Instructions for Use booklet found in your breast form box.
    • Watch the Contact breast form video at <link to PRP Contact Page with video>.
  1. Wear the Amoena Contact breast form attached to the chest wall everyday. The more it is worn, the better it adheres.
  2. If after 90 days you are not completely satisfied with your Contact Comfort+ breast form, please contact PRP to process the exchange for a non-attachable Amoena breast form.
    • A requirement of the program is that you complete a Consumer Survey to share your feedback with Amoena for further product development. It must be in the package when returning your Contact breast form as required by Amoena.

    In order to process the exchange, please see the Return and Exchange policy for full details and correct paperwork. If you have any questions about how the program works, contact PRP.


    Cleaning Contact Adhesive Breast Forms 

    1. Put three drops of our Soft Cleanser on the dry adhesive surface and then moisten the special brush with lukewarm water.

    2. Now scrub the adhesive surface with the special brush firmly for about three minutes in circular movements.

    3. Then rinse with plenty of lukewarm water.

    4. Finally allow to air-dry.