920 Deluxe Strap Cushions by ABC

Deluxe Strap Cushions Style 920 (sold in pairs) by American Breast Care

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Stop annoying slip-off-the shoulder bra straps. This is your answer! Clear, silicone cushions slide under bra straps for easy wear, comfort and reduced movement. First you should check your straps to see if they need to be tightened. I don't know why, but women rarely adjust their straps. As a Certified Mastectomy Fitter or Luxury Stylist, I found most women's straps to be too loose, so I always adjusted them for my customers. This is part of educating women about how to wear a bra and you would be amazed that this slips the minds of most women!

Bra straps loosen over time and stretch out. Our posture and bodies change too. And you may be wearing the wrong style bra designed with straps that are too far apart for your shoulder width. If you need a little help to keep one or both bra straps on your shoulder(s), this product should help.

ATTENTION: This product will show under spaghetti or thin strapped tank tops, but it is great with other styles. You will want more than one pair.